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ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Base Field Marking Paint

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Experience unparalleled field marking precision with ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint. Our top-quality paint is specially formulated to deliver vibrant and long-lasting colors, ensuring clear visibility and defined boundaries on sports fields, parking lots, and other outdoor surfaces.

Featuring an extensive range of vivid hues, ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint guarantees eye-catching lines that are easily discernible, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your field. Whether you need to mark soccer fields, football fields, or any other sporting facility, our paint provides the perfect solution to create professional-grade markings.

Don’t settle for faded, dull lines that can cause confusion on the field. ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint guarantees exceptional color retention, even under intense sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Ensure players, coaches, and spectators have a clear view of boundaries, making their experience safer and more enjoyable.

Our UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint is designed to minimize the environmental impact while delivering superior performance. By choosing ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint, you’re making a conscious decision to contribute to a greener future. Our water-based formula is free from harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safe choice for both users and the environment. You can mark your fields with confidence, knowing that our paint adheres to strict environmental regulations without compromising quality. In addition to being eco-friendly, ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint is also easy to clean up. Its water-based nature allows for hassle-free removal using standard cleaning methods, saving you time and effort. Embrace sustainable field maintenance practices while achieving exceptional results with ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint.

ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint is engineered for durability and versatility. Whether you’re marking natural grass, artificial turf, or concrete surfaces, our paint ensures impeccable performance and adherence to a wide range of substrates. Thanks to its advanced formulation, ECOSTRIPE UMA paint resists abrasion and fading, providing long-lasting results that withstand heavy foot traffic, intense sporting activities, and maintenance equipment. Rest assured that your field markings will remain crisp and clear, even in the face of constant use. In addition to its durability, our paint dries quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing for efficient field management. You can apply ECOSTRIPE UMA Water-Based Field Marking Paint with confidence, knowing that it will deliver exceptional performance under any circumstances.

  • Water based formula, safe, low odor.
  • UMA spray tips can easily be sprayed with minimum finger pressure.
  • Convenient tear away, spray-thru caps.
  • Use for underground utility, construction, survey, boundary, landscape, and zone markings.
  • Easy SETUP and Easy CLEANUP.
  • Non clogging cans that empty completely.
  • Economical, environmentally friendly and safe for all surfaces.
  • Available in Bright Fluorescent and custom colors.
  • Video link shows the proper way to install the UMA aerosol cans in a hand-held long spray wand. https://youtu.be/sKPec8bSqMc
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.
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