LP-6 Baseball Field Markers

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With our LP-6 Baseball Field Marker Kit, you can easily create professional-grade baseball fields right in your backyard or local park. Designed for both beginners and experts, this comprehensive kit equips you with everything you need to mark the field accurately and efficiently. From little league games to friendly matches, our field marker kit allows you to unleash your inner groundskeeper. Experience the joy and pride of meticulously marking each base and perfecting the pitcher’s mound. With crisp and precise lines, your baseball field will become the envy of players and spectators alike. Our field marker kit is engineered to make the field preparation process a breeze. The user-friendly design ensures that anyone can achieve professional-level results.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our field marker kit is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. The sturdy construction ensures that it remains in top condition, even after multiple seasons. Whether it’s scorching heat, pouring rain, or heavy foot traffic, our field marker kit will maintain its performance and appearance. Achieve precise measurements effortlessly with our field marker kit. Whether you’re marking the bases, the batter’s box, or the foul lines, our kit guarantees accurate results. Eliminate any doubts or disputes and create a playing field that meets official standards, allowing players to focus on the game without distractions. It’s designed to streamline the field marking process, saving you valuable time and effort. The innovative features, such as the ergonomic handle and efficient paint distribution system, ensure smooth and swift application. Spend less time preparing the field and more time enjoying the game.

By choosing our LP-6 Baseball Field Marker Kit, you’re investing in a product that combines superior performance with exceptional value. Benefit from professional-grade results without breaking the bank. With its durability and versatility, this kit ensures years of enjoyment and countless memorable games.

  • Complete baseball field marking kit.
  • Includes 6 ground sockets with plugs, 6 lining pegs, installation tool and twine.
  • Excellent tool to layout Baseball field foul lines and to align home plate, pitcher’s mound and 2nd base.
  • Ground Markers stay safe permanently in the ground and are lawn mower safe.
  • Need more information, a recommendation or to place an ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.
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